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Hackett Health

Jacquelyn Hackett
Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Helping women ditch the diet mindset, heal their relationship with food and gain strength with the Hackett Holistic Habits Method.

No diets, no burpees, no BS.

Now accepting insurance for 1:1 Nutritional Counseling!

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More insurance providers to come!

You are in the right place if you are ready to stop dieting and start living. You get to choose YOU by nourishing and respecting your body. Break free from diet culture and make a change! Get your free guide below to start TODAY!

Nutrition Health Coaching

Online Training

What are your fitness goals? I guarantee we can improve your fitness and have you feeling great.

Each workout is individualized to your goals and is based on the latest scientific research. I focus on form and posture so you can move efficiently and pain free. Movement should be fun and enjoyable so let's find something you like and will stick to!

Nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Together we can break free from diet culture and come up with the perfectly balanced "diet" just right for you. It's not just the foods you eat, but also HOW you eat them and why you eat them. We will work through any challenges you may have previously or currently face with food. Our eating habits are created from an early age at childhood so bringing awareness to those habits and unlearning them is key. The goal is to have you feeling vibrant and full of energy like never before!

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About Us

Hackett Health empowers you to embrace self-care, heal your relationship with food, and find body confidence. With an emphasis on intuitive eating, we guide you towards a healthier, more mindful way of nourishing both body and soul. We help you break free from diet culture’s restrictions and negative self-talk while also gaining physical strength through strength training. The founding principle of our practice is finding and sustaining long term wellness through balance in nutrition, movement, and mindset.

Hackett Health Nutrition

A Bit More About Me

I Make Nutrition & Fitness Fun

Hi, my name is Jacquelyn Hackett and I am a Nutrition Mindset Coach. I have a background as a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer. and Intuitive Eating Counselor. I have been cultivating my craft over the last 7 years and am continuously growing and learning. I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins from within. I practice and preach intuitive eating and mindful movement. We should respect our body and move it in a way that feels good and is right for you--

whether it's yoga, weight lifting, sports, dancing, hiking or whatever else fits you.


I have a double Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology, and a Master's degree in Nutritional Science. I started Hackett Health after dealing with my own

GI issues, disordered eating, body image struggles, and sports injuries. Through continuous education and personal growth I was able to dig deep, heal my

traumas, learn to meditate, read ALL the self help books, and heal

my relationship with my body and food.


My health journey and experiences have all influenced and shaped who I am today. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you find freedom and improve your health for good. When I'm not cooking, reading nutrition articles, or working out you can find me traveling the world exploring exotic cultures and enjoying music!

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What People Say

Alea M.

Jackie is amazing! We instantly clicked as she began training me at my home gym. She is highly knowledgeable in both nutrition and fitness. The best combination for reaching your health goals.

Her training style focuses on form and keeps things fresh with new workouts at each session. She helps push through with gentle encouragement. I recommend her for all fitness levels. She's a rockstar!!

Hetty D.

If I could describe Jackie with two words - it'd be reliable and results oriented. I've worked with Jackie for over three years now and she's always been my go-to person for nutritional counseling, wellness support and overall health. She's not only knowledgeable in her field but she commits to her client's goals and practices a healthy and happy lifestyle as a prime example. I'm extremely pleased to continue working with her as I progress in my fitness journey!!

Kelly M.

I've trained with Jackie for the last year and I must say she is the best trainer I've had! She is so patient and works with you to achieve your fitness goals. Jackie is incredibly knowledgeable with regard to fitness and nutrition. Training sessions were always really fun, no matter how difficult. She's the perfect amount of fun and hard work. I highly recommend training with Jackie to achieve any fitness goal!

What is Diet Culture?

The diet industry is a 72 Billion Dollar industry, yes BILLION! They have influenced and convinced us that health equates to weight, specifically thinness. Weight watchers, Noom, Keto, Atkins, Cabbage soup diet, pills, shakes, detoxes, powders, waist trainers and the list goes on are all diet culture. Words such as we "shouldn't have eaten that" or "I fell off the wagon again" are common, but also apart of diet culture. 

How Intuitive Eating (IE) can help us break free from diet culture

Intuitive eating is an evidence based self-care framework that helps us find peace with food by healing our relationship with food and our body. Foods do not have morals, so we see foods as neutral --there are no good or bad foods. We eat not only to nourish us, but also by what satisfies us and meets our cultures and traditions. Diet culture has pushed us so far away from our deep intuitive nature to listen to our body, while IE can help us gain that back. We also see movement and exercise as a celebration of our body and move in a way that feels best, not what will tip the scale one way or another.

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You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living.

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